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Purpose. Trust. Happiness.

Why does your company exist? What customer benefits do you offer? What drives and inspires you? Do you trust your colleagues and the organization you work for? And in the end, what makes you happy?

We help companies to define and design the purpose of their actions, to communicate it in a way that it drives those actions, and in the end brings trust, success, and happiness to all.

"People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it."

- Simon Sinek, Start with Why

Example: Cafe

We do not buy a cup of coffee

Instead, we buy stimulation, atmosphere, a moment for ourselves or with a dear friend, or a place to work on the next masterpiece.

The purpose of a cafe is not to sell coffee.

The underlying magic

Start with why

Most companies are still selling their products or services as "just coffee". They don't consciously think why they are offering the very things. Why is somebody buying them?

The problem with this is, that you end up sounding like everybody else and doing the exact same thing in the exact same way. And the price is the only remaining competitive factor.

The Additional Benefits

and they will come

Start with why. That way people can better understand what you are aiming for and they see more clearly the benefits of your offering.

You'll end up having more like-minded, better customers, and you attract employees who are inspired and motivated to work with you.

- Autonomy .. Mastery .. Purpose - these are the building blocks of new way of doing things.

- Daniel Pink, Drive

What is your Why?


Did you get interested about your "Why"? Would you like to define and communicate it better, so that people would better understand your strategy? Do you have a clear understanding of how trust is built in your organization and what defines your culture? What about your individual wellbeing?

If some of the questions above are still un-answered, contact us. Let's book a meeting, do some digging and start working on it. We'll help you to go to the infinity... and beyond!
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